It gets annoying when 100 people ask you the same question, so I've come up with this list. :) Please refer to the questions here to answer yours before you contact me!

FAQ: How do I save my doll on the doll maker?

Answer! I get this question asked of me sooooo much! And it's all right there. On the menu, click on instructions, or click here.

FAQ: Can I use your dolls on my web page?

Answer! Yes, you can, that's what they are there for! Just make sure you link me back!

FAQ: Can I use your layout?

Answer! No, you may not.

FAQ: Can you send me all of your dolls in .gif form to my email at myemail@aol.com ?

Answer! No, No, and no.

FAQ: Can I use your doll maker prop?, I can't find any other place that has them.

Answer! No, No, and no. Again.

FAQ: How do I save a doll on the palace?

Click here.

FAQ: You have no black dolls! You are so racist!

Answer! If you actually took the time to realllly see if we had black dolls, and were really set that we were racist, you would have found them in the preps section...

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