.eZine embarrasing moments.

You'll cringe and be glad that these moments didn't happen to you! Check back to see new moments posted here EACH WEEK! This is an all new part of our "to be" eZine!

-Embarrasing Moment #1-

I had to act out a skit during a schoolwide rally. I was a Roman person, wearing a very realistic toga, and I had to go out there with the student body president and vice president, when I noticed my black panty line was showing through my white sheet.

So I took them and my bra off and walked out into the gym. The noise in the gym immediatley stopped, and everyone was staring at me. Then I felt a breeze around my stomach and legs, so I looked down. I was standing there completely nude! I had forgotten to properly tie my toga in the back, so it fell off.


-Embarrasing Moment #2-

I have always had a serious gastric problem, so whenever I absolutely couldn't hold it, I would try and make a joke, like the old "pull my finger" trick, so as to divert the embarrassment.

One day after a shower, with just a towel on, I went into my room to get dressed. My boyfriend was in the room as I dropped my towel and felt a fart coming on. While hiking up my leg to flatulate I said, "This is how much I love you" at the same time I dropped a big ol' crap on the floor.

At that moment, we just stared in horror and disbelief with our jaws agape! I absolutely could not, in the farthest reaches of my brain, believe I had just dropped a load on the floor in front of my boyfriend!!I screamed, "Don't look at it!" and jumped into bed and hid under the covers.

I just wanted to evaporate into thin air!! Hence, I aquired the name Pooh Girl!


-Embarrasing Moment #3-

We were all in health class and everyone was just sitting around quietly or sitting with their head down on the desk, because it was the end of the year and we were all relaxing.

Everything was quiet when I bent over because I had dropped the pencil I was doodling with. I didn't even feel it coming... the loudest boom wave ever heard. My nightmare: I farted in my classroom in front of everyone.

All of a sudden everyone was looking in my direction. They still didn't know exactly where it came from, and I was hoping they wouldn't ever find out. I had to think quick, so I blamed it on the girl next to me. Everyone believed me, until the moment when I thought I would die.

First I was laughing with everyone else. But as soon as I did, an even louder fart came out and again I didn't even feel it coming. And all of a sudden I felt a pain... it was diarrhea.

Luckily no one heard that one with all the laughing going on, but I got up to go to the trashcan and everyone started laughing at me. When I had farted not just gas had come out, and now it was all over the back of my white shorts.

"A big doodoo spot!" this boy kept shouting out, pointing at me. This boy just kept saying "Ooh, gross! She has s*** on the back of her shorts!"

Boy was I glad it was the end of the year.

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