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Below is a complete list of doll types! When editing your own website, this is how you can catagorize your dolls.

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Babiez - Little Dollz, with Mini Like Eyes

Bobs - Cute Little 2 Piece Figures

Diva Stars - Larger Dollz With BIG Eyes, And Small Lower Body Features

Miniz - Smaller Dollz With Larger Eyes

Preps - Regular Size, Sometimes "Preppy" clothing.

Punks - Silent Like Dollz, But With Opened, Large Eyes. Long Legs.

Ravers - Silent Like Dollz, With Bright Raver Clothing.

Silents - Closed Eyes, Exaderate Features.

Flavas/Sweetz - Silent Like Dollz With Opened, Smaller Eyes. Very Small.  Flavas and Sweetz look so much a like, infact I don't see the difference between them, so there for I have inlcuded them in the same pages.

Bonitas - Flava like dolls with long slender legs and wide eyes.

Uniques - The most popular doll! With A Different, More Unique Clothing. "Designer" Dollz.

Designers - Dolls that have more overall detail than uniques, and much more detail than preps. These dolls are more "customized".

Wonderkinz - A Less Popular Doll, With Large Head And Small Body Features.

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