.how to save aim icons.

Here is a quick tutorial to show you how to save aim icons, and how to make them show up on AIM! Please look at the accompanying picture BELOW the step number.

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**Please note, you cannot make custom icons for aol, only AIM**



1.) Make your icon, using our aim icon maker.

2.) Open up paint.

3.) Go back to the doll maker screen, and take a screen shot of the screen. (The prnt scr/sys rqr button on your keyboard)

4.) Go back into paint and select edit paste.

5.) Drag the whole image, so that the icon you made sits right in the corner.

6.) Select image attributes from the main top window of paint. (ignore the white background in this image)

7.) Replace the two width and height numbers with 48 and 48. Select OK. (again, ignore the white background in this picture)

8.) Your screen should now look like this.

9.)Save your icon as aim icon to your desktop!

*no image*

10.) Go back into aim and select my aim, then edit options, then edit preferences.

11.) Select Buddy Icons from this menu, then click on browse pc.

12.)Browse to your desktop and select aim icon.

13.)Your screen should now look like this. Select OK, and you're done.

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