Mystics Creations was created a year and a half ago on a cold Februaray day.

BLAH! that sounds like the begging to a novel. ;p

Basically, I created this website because I wanted something new. I have a whole bunch of websites before that, but nothing was satisfying me! I needed something... BAM! Here came MysticsCreations.com, my first fully domainish hosted website. ;p

About a half a year ago, I decided to close down my website. I was really getting caught up in school work, and *thought* I didn't have enough time.

I went balistic! I needed something to edit, to update, to work on. I quicky tore down the good bye note, and replaced it with my greenish layout.

It was St. Patricks day, and I knew that was way too freaky, and I'm not even Irish, so I knew that had to come down.

About a couple months after that I come to my page, after not updating for a while, and see this bogus message, your website has been suspended. I called support, and they told me, *basically* we're taking your money, and no you can't have any hosting.

So there I go, having to switch DNS info, for a new domain, and a new $100, and signed up with my new provider.

Welcome to my pretty in pink layout! That is basically the history of Mystics Creations *so far*

update! August '03

We've switched our layout with a bANG into my freshman year of highschool. :D We have also switched more than that but also our hosting provider. Our other one went poop on us.....:(

                  Tune in for more at a later date!

update! November '03

We are finally done switching over all the files into their respective directories. This took MUCH longer than expected. We welcome, this new switch however, with a new layout for the upcoming winter season. Winter Wonderland :) Enjoy

update! Middle of November

We switched over all directly linkable graphics to another host because of our evil current host until december. sowwy.

update! February 04'

Uhg, after quite a few months (like 2 and a half) Mystics Creations is back open. YAYAYAY! With our most horrible closing yet, our site was stolen by the hosting company and used as a porn site to collect credit card numbers. YECH! The FBI has tracked down the perpetraor, and we'll tell ya when he's caught. Mystics Creations is now back and 10 x's better.

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